Sifu Jack Kenpo Master Ed Parker Guro Richard Lamoureaux

Ed Parkers Midwest Regionals Tournament 1980

This tournament was held once a year and was hosted by Kenpo Instructor Lee Wedlake. I would compete in the competition and also attend Ed Parkers seminars on Advanced Karate Theorys. Parker help the Martial Arts become popular during the late 50’s and early 60’s. It was at his International Tournament in 1966 that Bruce Lee was discovered for the Green Hornet show.

Sifu Jack Soderberg Tai Chi Form

Sifu Jack Soderberg founder of the CDF academies demonstrates tai chi form at a demo in  chicago. Sifu Jack has been training martial arts for over 30 years. His school is located in Las Vegas, NV.

Richard Lamoureaux Jeff Speakman 1995

This photo was taken at white tigers kenpo academy in the suburbs of chicago. Jeff Speakman was hosting a kenpo seminar for charity at that time. Jeff is now located in Las Vegas, NV and owns and operates his own martial arts studio.