Kali Destructions For Self Defense NOT Sport

What separates the art of Kali or FMA from many other styles and systems of Martial Arts is it’s use of destructions. In FMA the term “defanging the snake” is understood as the way to eliminate the opponents weapons. To defang, so the snake can not bite, is one of Kali’s most useful techniques. I remember classes with Dan Inosanto, when he would say ” Imagine Muhammad Ali with no legs or arms, all he would be is a stump, just bouncing around with no way of harming you”.  In FMA the practitioner knows hitting the opponents  hand will cause an immediate disarm, if he swings a weapon. Disarming  first, bends the fight in your favor. If you are armed and your opposition is not, odds of winning are now on your side of the encounter. In the Youtube Video we demo the use of the Gunting or scissor strike to the bicep. This technique stuns the muscle in the arm and makes it more difficult for the opponent to re-attack you with the same hand. If done correct it will produce numbness to the arm along with pain that will stop or slow down any further attacks. If you have a quick offensive  followup behind  the gunting, the opponent may not be able to defend your attack. If this method is used in MMA, I can see them changing the rules in a heart beat. It’s not sport, but good selfdefense.

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  1. Destruct ions are such a great tool to use in reality based training. Kickboxers will even try to sneak them in competition which we used to call dirty boxing.

  2. This happened recently with Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva. After the fight where Anderson’s leg was badly injured, Chris actually used the term destruction. He mentioned his head trainer Ray Longo taught him this. I looked up Ray’s wiki page and saw he trained with Dan Inosanto. Pretty awesome that the UFC middleweight champ is a JKD man. Felt bad for Anderson tho.

    Scott (past CDF student)

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